MilWay Alerts and Notices

Keeping you informed on the latest credit union news and alerts 


1099 and/or 1098 tax form information is located on the last page of December statements. Members can access this via your Mobicint statement/document link or the hardcopy that was mailed to you.

Fraud Alerts:

We have become aware of fraudulent activity occurring through credit card payments paid by check. Please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you feel your account has been subjected to this type of fraud.

Please be aware of a scam where criminals make calls that mimic the MilWay phone number, pose as MilWay employees, and ask for personal information. MilWay will never call, email, or send texts asking you for login credentials or other personal information. Never provide these details by phone.

We need your help in combating fraud by using the debit card’s chip or tap feature on chip-capable terminals. Please insert your Chip or Tap your card when available! Due to the fraud, we are imposing limits on the number of swipe transactions on chip-capable terminals. Using the chip or tap feature on your debit card will avoid these limits. PLEASE NOTE: Magnetic Stripe Only terminals will not be affected.

Debit Card and Credit Card Fraud Management Service Number:

Debit Card Fraud Mgmt: 1-888-918-7313 & Credit Card 1-888-241-2440.

Tip for Preventing Fraud