Checking and Savings

MilWay offers a variety of savings options to help your money grow. We also offer different checking accounts designed with your needs in mind.  Explore the options below to find the right account for you. 

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Checking Accounts

MyWay Checking 

This is the perfect first checking account for teenagers to help them learn. 

Explore MyWay Checking

Free Checking

Our basic checking account is heavy on features, not on fees! 

Explore Free Checking

Savings Accounts

Regular Savings

Membership starts with a $5 deposit in this account.

Explore Regular Savings

Special Savings

Earn a higher interest rate, similar to a CD, without tying up your money.

Explore Special Savings

“You Name It” Savings

This account is perfect for saving for the holidays, vacation or any other occasion/purchase.

Explore “You Name It” Savings

Investment Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts

Save for the future with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Explore IRAs

Certificate of Deposit

Earn a higher rate of interest on your money with a CD account.

Explore CDs